"Better Management Through Better Measurement"

Formed in 2000 as a GIS Consulting company specializing in GPS data collection and GPS/GIS integration, MMG consults and collects data for companies and agencies, large and small, in all sorts of industries.

Now introducing drone-sourced custom forestry and agricultural mapping, 3D modeling for construction management, infrastructure inspection and management, and all types of land management operations.

Geographic Information Systems have been at work for large organizations and governments for over 30 years.

Historically, the "price of admission" has been very high.

Mountain Mapping & GIS (MMG) was founded with the intention of making the benefits of GIS available to a wider market, allowing smaller organizations and agencies who have need of High-Precision Hardware, Quality Software, and Experienced Implementation, at affordable prices, to realize their expectations and meet their requirements.

Spatial Data Collection Field Services

We specialize in large scale GPS data collection and asset inventory projects. Whether you have ten thousand street signs, a hundred thousand manholes or millions of samples to take, MMG are your go-to data collection experts.

Drone-sourced custom mapping and geospatial model building

Using state-of-the-art hardware and software, MMG can capture high-resolution georeferenced imagery and 3D models, which can be used for volumetic measurements, crop monitoring, powerline inspection and other services. Anyone can shoot video from a drone, but MMG can provide analyzeable, measureable datasets for optimal decision making.

Data Management & Consulting

If you have a GIS department of your own and now want to begin GPS mapping, or just have some GPS tools which you want to make more use of, MMG can help.


MMG provides a of range of training services for various GIS and GPS software products. Our training philosophy acknowledges the differences in learning styles across generations and professional backgrounds, ensuring that your staff will reach maximum productivity as quickly as possible.

Certified Trimble Training

Mountain Mapping and GIS employs Certifed Trimble trainers, who are highly experienced data collection technicians and who are also skilled teachers. In keeping with the rigorous requirements of the Trimble Certified Training program we may only offer these courses in collaboration with one of a select group of Trimble Dealers. These dealers can offer you a full range of GPS and ancillary equipment, and can arrange for a MMG trainer to teach your staff, either at your own location or in their well appointed training facilities.

Mountain Mapping is pleased to work with Geoline Navigation to deliver Trimble Certified Training classes across many Western States. Please see Geoline's website for details of upcoming training opportunities.

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